Game 5 Review

Bruins scratched Ward with a knee boo-boo and Reich because he sucks. Replacing them were Alberts and Kessel.
Habs scratched Streit for Ryder.

Canadiens' lines:
AKost / Pleks / Kovy
SKost / Higgins / Ryder
Begin / Smoke / Kostopoulos
Lats / Lapierre / Dandy
Markov / Komi
Hamrlik / Brisebois
Gorges / O'Byrne

Habs Shots, from timeonice:

Bruins' lines:
Lucic / Savard / Kessel
Sturm / Krejci / Murray
Axelsson / Metropolit / Nokelainen
Schaefer / Sobotka / Thornton
Chara / Hnidy
Ference / Stuart
Wideman / Alberts

Boston shots:

I find it odd that Chara's partner keeps changing. Obviously he eats more minutes than any other Bruin defenceman and sees multiple partners throughout a game, but the guy he's paired with most keeps changing.

Shots and chances were pretty even. Honest.
The home team had the EV edge in shots, 23-17. The difference last night was special teams and goaltending.

Carbo doesn't match like Julien. It's unfortunate - he might learn something from a good, experienced coach like Julien.

The Bruins started Savard, Lucic, Nokia, Hnidy and Ference. Shockingly, Carbo decided not to start the big guns. No Chara on the ice and Carbo inexplicably didn't take advantage.

It looks like Carbo wanted the top line out against Metropolit, Higgins against Krejci, Smoke's line against Savard, Lapierre vs. Sobotka. Halfway through the game it looks like he switched them up: Top line vs. Krejci, Higgins vs. 3rd/4th lines, and Lapierre got more time vs. the top 2. All in all, it was a lot more chaotic than we saw in Boston.

SKost/Higgins/Ryder were overmatched by Sturm/Krejci/Murray. Other than that, the home team looked OK at EV. Sergei took some dumb penalties.

The legend of the long Kovalev shift in the playoffs lives on. It's been repeated so often the guy probably thinks it's a good thing - a charming quirk.

Chara saw Kovy of course. Komisarek and Markov were split very evenly again, while Hamrlik was out vs. Krejci a lot. O'Byrne (when he played) and Gorges got mostly 3rd/4th line duty.


Cherry criticized Komisarek for not fighting Lucic. This probably doesn't even need to be said: Komi shouldn't go with Lucic because he's playing 22 minutes a game on the top pair. Losing him for 5 minutes when the Bruins lose a left wing who doesn't even play in the final 8 minutes of a close game would be a terrible trade-off. He'd hear it from his coaches - or worse, his teammates - if he wasted 5:00 in the box.


The Sharks-Flames series has been a beauty, every inch of ice has been contested. Either team would be crushing the Bruins or Habs right now.


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