Game 2 Review

They're up 2-0 now, but the rest of this series will be no cakewalk.

Habs lines:

AKost / Pleks / Kovy
SKost / Higgins / Ryder
Begin / Smoke / Kostopoulos
Lats / Lapierre / Dandy
Markov / Komi
Hamrlik / Brisebois
Streit / Gorges

There were a lot of PPs, messing up the EV battle. Markov/Komi still weren't hard matched. Again, they saw more of the Savard and Krejci lines. Harmlik/Brisebois got Krejci and Metropolit's lines. They tried to keep Streit/Gorges away from Savard and Krejci.

With Savard reunited with Murray, it looks like Smolinski's line has checking duty. Precipitating from that match, we saw Higgins vs. Krejci, Pleks vs. Metropolit, and Lapierre vs. Sobotka.

The table below (courtesy timeonice.com) shows us exactly how badly these match-ups worked.

Bruins lines:
Lucic / Savard / Murray
Axelsson / Krejci / Sturm
Schaefer / Metropolit / Nokelainen
Reich / Sobotka / Thornton
Chara / Ward
Stuart / Hnidy
Ference / Alberts

Chara/Ward vs. the top line. Stuart/Hnidy saw a lot of Higgins. Ference/Alberts got bottom line work whenever possible.

Bruins shots:


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