Game 3

The second game in 24 hours, plus travel. The players say it's a wash because both teams have to deal with it. However, the Canadiens' icetime was a little more top heavy last night.

With the last change, Julien will be able to tighten up his matches. I get the feeling he's more interested in doing so than Carbonneau.

Still no sign of Koivu in the morning skates, and Bergeron still not cleared to play.

Looking closely at the events of last night, I don't think the Bruins edge in EV play was as big as first thought. A large proportion of their shot advantage came against the Habs' bottom lines and pairs, and it was the bottom-end guys on the Bruins doing the outshooting. The low-percentage shooters. It's not like Price was standing on his head.

From Hockey Numbers, here is some reinforcement for my thought that Boston didn't outplay Montreal all that badly last night. The expected goals were 5.6 to 2.0 in Montreal's favour. Those missed breakaways have to be responsible for a part of that 5.6.

Total expected goals for games 1 & 2 are 11.8 Habs, 3.1 Bruins. In this light, Thomas looks pretty good.

I'm pretty sure Javageek's expected goals numbers are based on Alan Ryder's Shot Quality work.

Here we go...

1st Period

20:00 - Wideman in, Alberts out. Lapierre vs. Savard to start. Carbo has to give his head a shake.

19:00 - AKost weak on the puck clearing the zone.

18:30 - Hamrlik off for roughing...

18:00 - Lucic off for boarding, 4vs4. I'm fine with them calling things tight, it lets the special teams decide the game.


16:00 - Close call with Sturm nearly breking away on the PK.

15:00 - B's forechecking hard

14:00 - Schaefer has the oddest looking stick grip in the league.

13:20 - Lucic in the slot, 1-0 Bruins. That's their first lead over the Canadiens all season.

11:00 - Bogus call on Ward. I didn't see a trip.

10:00 - Bruins are hustling. Prediction: they'll be out of gas in the 3rd.

9:00 - GREAT work by Higgins on the #2 PP. Not much in the way of chances.

7:30 - The Boston crowd is surly. They never cheer the good things, they only boo less loudly.

6:00 - Higgins/Ryder/SKost line has been terrific.

5:00 - Lucic runs Komi, Komi mad... Komi unwisely leaves position looking for hit later in shift.

3:30 - Latendresse was lucky to avoid a goaltender interference call.

2:00 - Good chance for Higgins line - Ryder in the slot misses high.

1:00 - Fast & loose play by the #1 line.

0:00 - Scrum to end the period, looks like a possible Mtl PP to start the 2nd. Latendresse/Hnidy with fighting majors. 4th line forward for a defenseman is an excellent trade-off for the Habs.


Well, we can't claim even play in that period. Boston's forechecking hard, often with two. Habs should be able to get some transition chances out of this if they keep it up. They're running Komisarek every chance they get - probably a good strategy. Losing him would open a huge hole on RD. Anyone for Brisebois on the #1 pair? This is why the Dandenault move to the wing made no sense.

Carbonneau got caught with Gorges/Streit out against the Savard line on the goal. Hard not to like that Lucic kid.

2nd Period

20:00 - I was wrong - it's a Boston PP, Lats with the roughing minor.

19:40 - Damn near a 2 on 0, Lucic and Murray can't finish.

18:00 - Good PK, Price didn't have much work.

17:00 - Montreal fans in attendance start up a Go Habs Go chant. Rather than simply overpower the word 'Habs' with the word 'Bruins' (like you would see in any other rink, except possibly Philly where they might respond with a hail of profanity then batteries then punches), the home crowd drowns them out with boos.

16:00 - Greek Lightning! The crowd goes wild! Good work down low by the vets. Smolinski with a grey area hit opens up the space. B's lead for less than a period.

15:00 - Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole! Ole, Ole!

13:00 - Solid chance by the top line. The turtleneck's hackles come up in a scrum.

12:00 - Axelsson can't find the handle on a puck sitting in the crease!

11:00 - Great chances at both ends, Ryder's shot trickles wide.

10:45 - Lucic's turn, can't bury the backhand!

10:00 - It's chaos when the Kovalev line is on. Scoring chances all 'round! Hits are piling up

7:00 - Kovalev's extended shifts are starting to screw up the lines. Millen: "They're trying to get Komisarek out against Lucic!" Uh, do you think maybe he's out there because Murray and Savard are on, Greg?

6:00 - Kostopoulos off for slashing a stick. Millen doesn't like this call. I check myself for a fever, because I agree with Millen.

5:00 - Plek/Kovy don't cover the points well on the PK.

3:00 - More solid work by 20/22/6.

2:00 - URP. Price nearly sets up Krejci for an ENG.

0:00 - EV shots are 18-17. RTSS hits are 20-19. Great game.


Bad news: Bob Cole says he had a chat with Koivu before the game, and says he still can't get a boot over his foot.

3rd Period

20:00 - Bruins 4th line hem in the #1 D pair.

18:00 - Kovy draws one on Ward. Ward shakes his head, just like he did on his first penalty.

17:30 - SKost/Kovy/Higgins on the PP.

16:00 - Best chances are immediately after the penalty ends.

15:00 - It's almost painful to watch Komisarek. Laboured skating, hurried passes.

14:00 - Krejci breakaway after a bad dump-in, he goes five hole, Price save. Streit slashes Krejci on the way.

13:00 - For at least the third time this series, Boston's PP point men flub a routine pass out over the blue line.

12:00 - Krejci latches onto Kovy breakingin after the kill, Habs PP

11:00 - Boston PK looks like they're forcing the PP to work down low.

10:00 - F'ing Brisebois drops into the slot for a pass after the PP is done, no one close to covering, the pass is picked for a 2 on 1, Price stops Krejci again. Shot quality will favour the home team tonight.

9:00 - Fine time to be abandoned by the damn PP. WTF was SKost thinking?? Roughing, Boston PP.

7:00 - Habs (mostly Price) kill it off.

3:00 - Whew! No time for updates - the action is hot & heavy.

0:00 - OT on the way. It doesn't look like these guys played last night. It's back and forth.


EV shots are 20 apiece.

EV icetime for the D:
Komi 19:01
Markov 18:51
Hamrlik 18:02
Gorges 15:01
Breezy 12:14
Streit 06:25

Might be time to bring in O'Byrne and move Streit to the 4th line.

OT 1

18:00 - Helluva long shift by Kovy. Bad move in OT.

17:30 - More fine work by Smoke's line and they nearly end the game.

16:00 - Higgins line carrys the play... another great scoring chance.

15:00 - Curious move by Carbo, putting on the Smoke line again while the top line sits. Is he trying to keep Chara and Savard off the ice? Looks like it's the right move, *yet another* good chance.

14:30 - Here comes Kovy et. al. *Another* loooong shift, it's nearly costly. Koivu has to come back, just to get the 'C' off that guy's sweater.

12:30 - Damn. Lapierre line ices it.

11:30 - Pace is starting to slow. Latendresse looks like he can skate at an almost normal speed.

11:00 - Metropolit - what a feel-good story he is, huh? These Bs are hard to hate.

10:35 - The hate's back. Good work by Schaefer. Savard's the extra attacker on a delayed penalty, finishes off Schaefer's pass and that's the ball game.


Anonymous -X- said...

Hey, really good post. I'd love it if you'd come discuss the game tonight on my forum at http://www.myhockeyforum.com


4/13/2008 3:06 p.m.  
Anonymous mikado said...

Montreal is doing all the "little things" WRONG tonight...rushed zone clearing passes (which are getting intercepted), poor passing period and a lack of hustle/speed that cost the firstBruins goal when a Montreal player blew the chance to get an icing call.

4/13/2008 8:53 p.m.  
Anonymous mikado said...

Montreal will be starting the 2nd shorthanded! :( (Hopefully the PK will be better than the PP has been so far tonight)

4/13/2008 8:55 p.m.  
Anonymous mikado said...

Much better second as Montreal started to hustle and findempty ice out there, despite having to kill a few penalties

4/13/2008 9:41 p.m.  
Anonymous mikado said...

Overtime may be in the cards for a second game straight! @_@

4/13/2008 10:15 p.m.  
Blogger Jeff J said...

OT it is!

Great game so far.

4/13/2008 10:35 p.m.  
Anonymous mikado said...

Thomas makes 2 amazing saves, or Montreal wins it...DARN...!!!

Make that 3 saves!


4/13/2008 10:54 p.m.  
Anonymous mikado said...

We should have won....that "high stick" call (That kept the puck in the Montreal zone) cost us dearly...Carbo had really better have the boys work on clearing the zone and making good passes instead of just throwing it out (And giving up possesion). Thomas stole the game with those 3 OT saves....I dont like the way things are going; this series looks like it's going the Bs way!
* A few weeks ago, i felt like I was happy no matter how the playoffs went.....now I want them to win at LEAST one round; but, i'm starting to be sceptical.
Bring Back O'Byrne, we need some more size; the PP needs room to move!

4/13/2008 11:08 p.m.  
Anonymous mikado said...

Another point....if thatHabs player had hustled and gotten that icing call that led directly to the Bruins 1rst goal, the game ends 1-0 Canadiens!!!! ;_;

4/14/2008 7:59 p.m.  

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