Quasi-liveblogging Game 1

Quasi-, becasue my illegal wireless connection is too tenuous to update every couple of minutes.

Pregame - I'm getting tired of "Where the Streets Have No Name" starting off every game.

1st Period

20:00 - Telemarketer called right after the puck drop so I missed Sergei's goal. Everyone Boycott Ramada Inns. 1-0 Habs

19:00 - Everyone said to expect a physical game from Boston and the B's are clearly trying to run Montreal out of the rink.

18:00 - Andrei K. on a *sweet* cross ice pass from Pleks. 2-0 Habs. The hitting isn't working, Bruins.

16:00 - Bob Cole can't believe the fans are singing the ole ole ole song. He seems to think it's a victory song or a taunt or something. In Bob's defense, he isn't the first broadcaster I've heard express this sentiment. Attention broadcasters: listen to the words! They are singing ole ole ole ole etc, not na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye. Fans sing at sporting events.

14:00 - That was a quick change of plan: Bruins have eased up on the hitting.

12:26 - Terrible coverage by Lapierre/Lats/Dandy, Hnidy(!) in the slot, 2-1 Habs. A solid vet would never let that happen.

10:00 - Fans boo the glandular freak every time he touches the puck.

6:00 - I *loathe* the puck over glass penalty.

0:00 - More stuff happened, Cole & Millen go blah blah blah.

- Got a beer, missed Hrudey.

2nd Period

20:00 - You can almost hear Greg Millen blush a bit as he awkwardly describes the huge arms of Andrei Kostitsin. Aaron Ward took a puck to the ribs.

19:00 - CBCs score and clock graphic are on hiatus. All times below are approximate.

18:00ish? - The other Bruin strategy predicted by the pundits has reared its head - running Price.

16:00 - Kovy/Pleks, making a silk ear out of a sow's purse again.

14:44 - Smoke! From a scramble in the slot, 3-1 Habs, all goals scored 5-on-5.

13:00 - Kovy misses a wide open net, looks skyward dramatically, emotes exasperation.

10:30 - I miss the days when, between whistles, the cameramen at the Forum would zoom in on incredibly hot women in the stands.

10:00 - Hamrlik with a heavy hit on the wunderkind Lucic, the crowd goes wild.

8:00 - Phooey, interference penalty on Ryder.

7:00 - Plek/Kovy on the PK. People love this and cite it as an example of Kovy's supposed greater commitment this year. I think it's a waste of their icetime.

5:50 - Price with a couple of nice stops on 1-ball. Would he only need to use half a cup?

5:00 - Cole, "The Bruins have turned it up a notch here!" *Everyone* turns it up a notch when the Lapierre line is on.

4:30 - Higgins' turn to miss an open net. Habs outshooting Bs 18-9, 5-on-5.

2:00 - Smolinski, looking like the Smolinski of old... when he was scoring 30 goals as a Bruin.

0:00 - A fine 2nd period by the Habs, probably better than the 1st.

- Here's Ron MacLean in China, educating us on Chinese calligraphy. The CBC should have sent Cherry over so we could be enlightened by his opinion on another subject he just can't understand.

- Is that Bruce McCulloch doing the voice over for the orange box in that Home Depot commercial?? What a shame. I love my... AAAAAAANSWERING MACHINE! These are the Daves I know, I know, these are the Daves I know. Would he put that on his resume? 2008: Played faceless, inanimate orange box in ads for a major retailer.

- PJ Stock: "What do I do? Do I do highlights now? You guys?" Ron just laughs.

- Wings/Preds are tied 1-1. Innnnteresting.

3rd Period


18:00 - Questionable pass by Kovy, Sturm breakaway! Wow, Hamrlik looks slow. Price save, btw.

17:00 - Friedman sounds hoarse. Better rest up, bud, it's only night #2 of the playoffs.

16:00 - Thomas goes behind the net to stop a dump-in but the puck bounces out front... and skips over the stick of Sergei.

15:30 - Savard for hooking, Habs start the PP with the top unit: Kovy/Plek/AKost, Streit/Markov. Some good chances. This is only the 4th PP of the game.

14:30 - Smoke, Sergei, Higgins, Hamrlik, Breezk on unit #2.

13:00 - Millen says "Detroit just finds ways to win." So that's their secret!

12:30 - Found one. Greek Lightning! 4-1.

11:00 - Thornton penalty, here comes the na na na na hey hey goodbye. No finger wagging from Bob Cole this time.

10:00 - Commercial break, I Google "Bruce McCulloch Home Depot commercial" to see if that's really him. The #1 hit? This very post.

9:00 - Wasn't it Buccigross who said Kessel would rival Crosby? Must have lost his mojo.

8:24 - Habs are trying to nurse this one home, Komi takes a bad penalty.

8:00 - Smoke, Kostopoulos, Hamrlik, Gorges on the #1 PK.

7:00 - Another penalty quashed.

6:00 - Brisebois with his signature move - the blind cross ice outlet pass. Not intercepted this time.

4:00 - Two minute 5-on-3 coming up for the Habs. Going for one goal is OK, but going hard for a second would be running up the score.

3:00 - Smoke(??) Higgins, Kovy, Markov, Streit. Putting Smolinski out there is probably Carbo 'playing the hot hand.' It's a bad move.

1:30 - Bs killed it off, no one in the audience seems too broken up about it (for a change).

0:00 - Carbo has the Lapierre line out to finish the game. Bruin thugs considering "sending a message" take a look around the ice at their counterparts and think, "not worth it."

4-1 is the final. Habs outshot Bs 25-13 in 5-on-5 play. Take that, Jim Corsi!



Blogger Black Dog said...

Great stuff Jeff. Habs look good.

4/11/2008 11:19 a.m.  
Blogger Jeff J said...

They always do against the Bruins. It's weird. If you take away their head-to-head games, Boston was 5 points better than the Habs this year.

4/11/2008 2:13 p.m.  

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