Game 4 Review

Quote of the day:

"I heard it hit the crossbar and then I heard the crowd cheer, so I thought it went up into the netting (behind the goal), out of play. And then I saw the Montreal guys celebrating and I realized it must be in. It ended up being the Montreal fans cheering."
- Tim Thomas, who has been fantastic in this series.

Now take a look at this screenshot from the timeonice shift chart:

This is the first ~7.5 minutes of the game last night, before any penalties or line juggling. Perfect mirror image. Pretty clear how the Julien wants the lines to match up, isn't it?

Habs Lines
AKost / Pleks / Kovy
Lats / Higgins / SKost
Begin / Smoke / Kostopoulos
Streit / Lapierre / Dandy
Markov / Komi
Hamrlik / Brisebois
Gorges / O'Byrne

Carbo shuffled Kovalev around again in the 2nd to get him away from Chara (or was it to get Plek/AKost away from Chara? Hmmm...). They went with nine forwards and four defensemen for the final ~8 minutes, when Breezy, O'Byrne, Lapierre, Streit and Lats sat.

Habs Shots, from timeonice (It looks like Vic added the player names to the shot tables - nice!):

Bruins lines
Lucic / Savard / Murray
Sturm / Krejci / Axelsson
Schaefer / Metropolit / Nokelainen
Reich / Sobotka / Thornton
Chara / Ward
Ference / Wideman
Stuart / Hnidy

Same old song and dance. Desparate for a goal in the waning minutes, Julien benched three of his forwards: Jeremy Reich, Shawn Thornton, and... Milan Lucic. A young Cam Neely indeed...

Bruins Shots:

As I mentioned earlier, only the Bs 4th line of Reich/Sobotka/Thornton really outplayed their Montreal counterparts, Streit(-8)/Lapierre(-12)/Dandy(-5). -12 against those scrubs? Fugly. When Koivu's back, Lapierre's minutes have to be curtailed.

Higgins/SKost/Lats were up against Krejci/Sturm/Axelsson. That's two kids and one vet against two vets and one kid and they held their own. Good for them.

The top dogs and 22/20/6 held the edge against the Savard and Metropolit lines.


Anonymous olibou said...

Lapierre is bumping Dandenault, methinks, with Higgins taing his spot and Koivu sliding between 74/84. I wonder if Carbo will keep Lats up there tough; what is the most efficient combo? Latendresse at LW and SKost @ RW or SKost LW and Ryder RW? I look at SK's Fenwick and Corsi from the first 3 games, and I wonder; is Ryder that bad by himself? Is SK so dysfunctionnal at LW?

Or maybe it's a case of small sample size...

4/16/2008 2:38 p.m.  

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