Game 1 Review

Habs lines:
AKost / Plek / Kovy
SKost / Higgins / Ryder
Lats / Lapierre / Dandy
Begin / Smoke / Kostopoulos

Markov / Komi
Hamrlik / Breezy
Streit / Gorges

Matchups: Not much. If Carbo wants to match, you'll see Markov/Komisarek against top lines. We didn't, and that is unusual. They just played a little more against the Krejci and Savard lines. With their softer minutes, their shot margins were sky high (see chart below). The top line saw more of the Krejci trio, Higgins saw a lot of the Axelsson line (maybe to keep Lucic the wrecking ball away from the top line?) and it was a mismatch.

Odd choice by Carbo to send out the Lapierre line after PPs. It was under this circumstance that the Bruins (Savard line) scored their goal. That error was masked a bit in the 3rd when Kostopoulos finished off a similar Lapierre line shift with a goal.

Courtesy of timeonice.com, Canadiens Shots (click for a clearer view)

Bruins lines:
Sturm / Krejci / Murray
Schaefer / Savard / Kessel
Axelsson / Metropolit / Lucic
Thornton / Nokelainen / Reich

Chara / Wideman
Ference / Ward
Stuart / Hnidy

Matchups: Chara vs. the Kovy line, no surprise there. It looks like Savard is back to soft minutes, perhaps because he's not 100%. His line was often sent out immediately folowing a Kovalev shift.

Bruins Shots


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