¡Olé! - Game 2

In 1999, the Bouncing Souls recorded a tune called ¡Olé! for their album, Hopeless Romantic. It's based on a traditional chant, and the lyrics are about playing footy. This is the best recording I can find in a 15 second scouring of the internet.

Sometime thereafter, the DJ at the Bell Centre started playing the opening bars of this recording during Habs games. The crowd took the ball and ran with it.

1st Period

20:00 - Wideman & Kessel (no shootout tonight, kiddo) are out of the lneup, Alberts & Sobotka are in. No lineup changes for the home team.

19:00 - B's carrying play early.

18:00 - First few ¡Olés! are heard.

16:00 - How 'bout that Thoreson? Ballsy kid.

14:00 - Hook on Markov.

12:00 - That was close. Lapierre is a weak link. Penalty killed.

11:00 - Savard's back hurts.

10:00 - Carbo says the Begin/Smoke/Kostopoulos line is one he's had in mind since camp. Interesting that he'd be so persistent with his plan for a 4th line.

9:00 - 2:00 to Streit for the hook/hold.

8:00 - Hnidy on the 1st PP wave? Fine by me.

7:00 - *Ward* on the PP? Also fine by me. These guys need puckmovers on the blueline. Penalty killed, obviously.

6:00 - Chara for a retaliatory crosscheck. PP is Kovy/Plek/AKost, Markov/Streit.

5:00 - Higgins/Ryder/SKost give the #1 unit a 30sec. rest.

4:00 - AGAIN with Lapierre line after the PP?? Murray et. al. almost make Carbo pay.

3:00 - Komisarek has lost a lot of mobility.

1:30 - Begin with a big hit on Alberts! Habs break out, Marc Savard covers and FAILS! Hamrlik goal!

0:00 - Bob Cole, "It's a loooong way to go yet." Keep telling yourself that, you Leaf fan. ¡Olé!

2nd Period

20:00 - Higging and Reich ar off for roughing, it's 4-on-4. Habs F's are Plek/Akost.

19:00 - SKost/Kovy.

18:00 - Kovy looks like the skinny guy from Nintendo Ice Hockey - circling the opponents' net, no one can touch him, and Sergei finishes it off! 2-0 Habs.

17:00 - Note to Jeremy Reich: goading Higgins into coincidentals may be a good trade in terms of personnel; forcing your oafish team to play 2:00 of 4vs4 hockey in Montreal? Bad idea.

16:00 - Nokia-lainen with a bad penalty, #1 PP is out.

14:00 - Some good work but no goal, back to EV.

12:30 - Streit with a... hook? Smoke/Kostopolous, Komi/Markov on the PK.

11:30 - The best acquisition Gainey can make this summer is a neck guard for Carey Price.

9:30 - Penalty killed, no good chances

8:30 - Hamrlik for a slash. Bogus.

6:30 - Penalty killed, some better chances for Boston this time. They're crashing the net.

5:30 - Hamrlik hits the post! He's on fire!

5:00 - Thornton whacks Price, hard. That has to be called.

4:00 - Higgins/Ryder/SKost are all over the Bruins grinders in their own zone.

3:00 - AKost on the breakaway... Thomas with the unorthodox save!

1:40 - Stuart off for interference. Good opportunity here - taking a 3 goal lead in the final minute of a period would be so clutch.

0:00 - no PPG... yet.

EV shots are 13 Boston, 12 Montreal.

Hamrlik: Most EV icetime on either team, 1 goal, 1 post, +2. Savard: -2.

Elliotte Interview: Carey Price reminds Aaron Ward of... Steve Penney. Now THAT'S backhanded.

3rd Period

19:00 - B's kill off remaining 20 sec. of Stuart's minor. So far the best PP in the league is 0-for-the-series.

18:00 - B's are being more physical.

17:00 - Man, it's obvious that Komisarek is not 100%. Long shift in Habs' end.

16:00 - Schaefer, breaking in on a 2-on-2 makes it 2-1. Bob and Greg agree: being one goal down makes it a 'brand new game.'

14:00 - Looks like Habs are sitting back. This is always nerve-wracking.

12:15 - AKost trapped on a long shift, Lapierre takes a hooking minor.

12:00 - Ference/Hnidy at the points?

10:00 - Interesting turn of events. Kovalev doesn't score on a breakaway and is tackled by Ward. No call. In frustration, he taps Ward with a slash. They always catch the retaliation. Krejci scores on the 5-on-3. It's a brand new game.

8:00 - Habs kill off the rest of Kovy's minor.

7:00 - Reich off for holding. The PP is due! DUE!!

5:30 - Good work by the nominal #2 unit. Ryder is tripped, 5-on-3 Habs.

3:30 - The 27th best PK in the league has kept the #1 PP off the board for nearly two full games.

2:15 - Kostopolous is high-sticked, Thornton is off for 4:00. Redemption time, Kovy.

0:01 - Brisebois hits the post, square, with less than 1/10th of a second left. The hockey gods frown on us tonight. Onto OT.

Terrible period for the home team. EV shots were 8-2. The PP is officially on a cold streak.

Ugh, those two missed breakaways and two goalposts loom large.

So when a Bruin cuts a guy, the double minor shouldn't apply? Please, Don Cherry, just go away.


20:00 - Hoping this one's short & sweet. 1:43 left in the PP...

18:30 - Hockey gods are fickle. Reich trips Markov, the only good thing to happen on this PP. The Habs better put it away, because you know the Sword of Damocles hangs over their heads in the form of a make-up call.

17:30 - Kov. a. lev. "Please accept this overtime GWG as an apology for my earlier error in judgement."

The best thing about this series so far: knowing how much it twists Don's nuts. "RULES SCHMULES!! BRUINS GOT JOBBED!" Your tax dollars at work, folks.

Tough loss for the Bruins. They held the advantage in play and got a couple of breaks (posts) but were still outscored. Hard to say if goaltending was the difference - Price had more shots but didn't have to stop as many glorious scoring chances. Now they have to take 4 of 5 against a team they're 0-10 against this year.


Anonymous Mikado said...

at pretty much sums it up, Montreal spends 2 1/2 periods killing cheap penalty calls, one after the other, and Don Cherry bitches cause Montreal finally got some calls their way in the 3rd and OT..... Let's put that bigotted old fool out to pasture, after all, he's used to standing in bull****, he spews enough of it!

4/13/2008 2:16 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^^ oops should have said THAT pretty much sums it up ^^^

4/13/2008 2:17 a.m.  

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