I took notes, and here they are:

- Pre-game show on CBC: The Edmonton building was filled half an hour before the game. The rink in Raleigh appeared less than one-quarter full at the same time.

- Cherry is wearing a tame suit. For some reason, this suggests to me a 'Canes win.


- 1st shift: Oilers look tense, unprepared.

- 1st goal is scored. Very predictably, the Oilers' deer-in-the-headlights game plan backfires. 'Canes are up 1-0.

- Oil have had a clear edge in officiating. Looks like Watson/McCreary are letting 'em play.

- Hits graphic displayed on CBC: 15-2 for CAR. Ummm... How the heck does this thing work? Home-crowd Decibels?? CAR might be matching EDM on physical play, but 7.5-to-1? Absurd.

- Bob Cole: "These two referees are showing us a great game tonight!" So true. Is this is what we have come to? Must the play-by-play guy recognize an adeptly officiated game??

- Cole describes Peca as 'Ol reliable. There is no greater compliment to a Selke winner than to be likened to a geyser.

- 4.1 seconds left in 1st, we have one of those "what's the call?" scenarios, as Staios appears to cover up a puck in the crease after a delayed call on Moreau. Will this be one of those "this game had everything" games?

First Intermission
- Cherry reiterates his rant on short-cuffed gloves: "Look at this shot-block kids! Make sure you get gloves with proper cuffs!" My reply: Look in a f***ing store, Grapes! The only gloves you can find have those puny little 1" cuffs! You can't get gloves like the old ones anymore!


- So far, I'm wrong (again). It looks like a great game!

- Early on in the 2nd during a CAR PP, Pisani walks around point-man Staal for a semi-breakaway. I warned you about forwards on the point, Lavi. I warned you. This time the Pisani magic encounters a counter-hex, as the save is made by Ward. Who I will now call CamWa. Nowadays, everyone needs a simple two-syllable name based on the first part of their first and last names. K-Lo has assembled an excellent Oiler team and C-Mac coaches with skillz.

- B-Co has just now accumulated enough experience to eliminate all his rookie mistakes. This has been a finely called game.

- Erik Cole's (E-Co) outside move works great vs. Spacek (Jar-Spa??), and produces a PP.

- PPG 'Canes. Score is 2-0. Game is over, methinks.

- I have never seen a failed drop pass cheered so much as Samsonov's.

- Holy crap. I jinxed the game (see prevous post). We are going to have a 5-on-3, because of a puck over the glass.

- Whew... although I'm pulling for Oil, a goal there that would have been catastrophic.

Second Intermission
MacLean and Hrudey chat with 'Canes broadcaster Tripp Tracy.
Tripp Tracy. I'm sorry, I just can't bite my tongue any longer: That is a NASCAR name if I have ever heard one.

Among Tracy's comments:

"You saw the sequel to Silence of the lambs? Where the guy did the lobotomy on that guy? If you were doing a lobotomy on Staal, you would find a brain that thinks the game so well."
Now that's what a public broadcaster is all about.


- Thunderstorms are threatening my electricity. This is so reminiscent of the '96 World Cup, which I watched in Halifax in the midst of Hurricane Hortense...

- B. Cole: "It's a goal for Edmonton..."

Fernando, from Torres. Whoa.

- Just like injury time during a World Cup football match, you never know when power will disappear, ending the festivities. There is a downour outside, and lightning filling the sky.

- After a bottle of this stuff, I'm surprised I still have the manual dexterity to type, much less hook up the USB cable for this pic...

It is my toast to the 2006 Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes. If you can't make out the label, that is a bottle of La Terrible. It is a beautiful Belgian-style strong dark ale. The flavour is fruity with hints of licorice and figs. The colour is a deep, dark brown, just like northern Albertan crude, and the name on the label surely fits the feelings of Edmonton's fans.

Congrats, 2006 Hurricanes!


Anonymous roddie said...

Peca's not even a geyser - The geyser is "Old Faithful"

6/20/2006 8:56 a.m.  
Blogger Jeff J said...

Right you are. La Terrible tainted my recall of the correct name of the natural wonder.

Seems "Old Faithful" is Canada's only psychedelic outlaw country rock band. It makes more sense now.

6/20/2006 10:12 a.m.  
Blogger ninja said...

Beeker? awesome.

Car PP - 6
Ed PP - 5

It almost never fails.

6/20/2006 10:55 a.m.  

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