Oilers Chocolaty Shell Cracked
Creamy Centre Exposed

A message for M.-A. Bergeron: Think twice about what you do with your last Rolo.

Twenty-four hours ago, if you were to imagine the worst possible outcome of Game 1 from the Edmonton Oilers' perspective, what would it be? How about this series of events:

- Oilers amass a considerable lead
- Oilers surrender entire lead
- Oilers lose Dwayne Roloson to series-ending knee injury
- Oilers backup goalie commits a confidence-shattering error to lose the game

Save bus accidents and game-throwing scandals, it just doesn't get any worse than that.

On the other side, the Hurricanes did what they do. Throughout the playoffs the Hurricanes have had a knack for 1) dramatic comebacks, and 2) taking advantage of injured opponents. Should they go on to win the Cup (and that is looking like a gimme right now), I really can't think of another recent champion who was this fortunate with injuries to opponents. It's uncanny.


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Blogger d-brave said...

I think they have some karma going their way because Erik Cole has been injured for them. That being said, they're bastards and they don't deserve to win!!

6/08/2006 12:04 a.m.  

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