Oilers Break Wind in G5

That's justice after a travesty of a call on Steve Staios. The 'Canes affinity for forwards on the point on the PP finally caught up to them, as Pisani picked Staal's pocket for the OT winner.

Random (and brief) notes:

- Oil fans can rationalize all they want to justify calling the 'Canes PP 'average.' Edmonton is still getting creamed on the special teams play. Yes, the Edmonton PP has resembled nothing more than a bag full of dead kittens, but to describe the CAR PP as average is inaccurate and insulting. They're up to 24 for 76 at home. The Oilers can thank their lucky stars that the 'Canes have uncharacteristically taken just as many penalties as their opponents in the final series.

- Commentators refer to some events as 'veteran plays.' You know the occasion: when Dwayne Roloson would leisurely adjust his equipment before an important defensive zone faceoff, giving his team some additional rest. On these occasions, Greg Millen will interject, "That's a Veteran Play by Roloson, Bob!" (Even if it's Jim Hughson boing the play-by-play.) IMO, these situations are more likely due to veteran leeway doled out by the refs. Chatting up Kerry Fraser during TV timeouts over a 12-year career must be worth something. The old guys can get away with crap that the rookies can't. This is the situation for poor Matt Greene and other rookies. He gets called when the refs feel they have to make a call but can't find anything else worthwhile. Time for an even-up call? Can't find anything legit? Chuck the rookie in the box for 2 or less.

- Why is it that defensemen never have 'hustle?' Forwards often do (usually unskilled or average-skilled ones). Blueliners? Never.

- I was thinking prior to G5 that there have been fewer catastrophic broken sticks lately, which made me wonder just what Pierre McGuire would be yelping about on NBC. Since that's, you know, "his thing." A couple by Pronger tonight brought us back up to speed.

- Cosh (Oilogosphere ringer) put up a
brilliant post with a focus on Ryan Smyth.

- Mark Your Calendars: Bucci says Thrash in '08:

"Atlanta Thrashers
This team will win the 2008 Stanley Cup."

Yeah, right.

- More Bucci, this time on Pearl Jam (Vedder and the Thrash being the Hot Topic during the SCFs, I guess):
"...I haven't heard enough of them talk. They obviously have had a bit of an aversion to fame and being in public eye... that will effect CD sales and the casual fan from becoming a dedicated one..."


"I think if they had to do it over again, they would have approached things differently. If they did, more people could have heard their thoughts and they could have made a bigger impact in terms of communicating their ideals. I think it might be too late now in terms of taking the band to a level they should probably be at. They kind of remind me of the NHL in some respects."

Man... you just don't get it.


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