The Show Must Go On

Just because Radek Bonk has already put in 36 holes doesn't mean I'm off to do the same. Updates might be a little leaner as I put slightly more time into doing what I get paid to do rather than obsessing over the health of Steve Begin's left knee. Onto last night's game...

That was no ordinary waxing. That was a Brazilian. Game 7's are supposed to be fun. Watching that was worse than suffering through the latest Drew Barrymore tripe to appease Ms. Sisu.

I'm quite disappointed that we won't be treated to the spectacle of a Battle of Alberta, but something tells me I'm nowhere near as disappointed as Calgary's mob of teenage pervs with digital cameras. Also on the downside: it will be at least one more round before we can finally dispense the 'Mighty' Ducks of Anaheim to the Disney Vault for good. It's nothing personal, Ducks fans - it's just the name. The day the words Mighty Ducks are engraved on the Stanley Cup will be the last day I pay any attention to the NHL. Either that or I'll sneak into the HHOF and have at the Cup with a bottle of liquid paper.

Round 2 Picks

Ottawa over Buffalo. This is not an easy pick to make. Buffalo has a distinct edge in goaltending. Plus, I think something is wrong with Chara. I mean, other than all the Chernobyl fallout he obviously absorbed in his youth. He was knocked over more times in the Ott-TB series than he was all year. On the back of their thumping of the defending champs, I gotta go with the Sens.

New Jersey over Carolina. Another one that's close to a tossup. The Devils are clearly in the silverback phase of their Cup contender arc. If the Calgary-Anaheim game 7 is any indication, New NHL hockey is endangered. That plays into the hands of Cap'n Lou.

Edmonton over San Jose. As any Habs fan will tell you, Thornton can be shut down. Edmonton has the edge in goal for now, but the Sharks can try Nabokov if Toskala doesn't perform. It worked for Carolina/Anaheim with Ward/Bryzgalov. Flip a coin, really.

Colorado over Anaheim. I want to say Ducks, but the Avs won in 5 and Anaheim went to 7.


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