Jokinen Gets Existential

Pat Hickey discusses Olli Jokinen's contract situation here. Jokinen comments:

"If I were me, I'd sign me to a long-term deal."

Whoa, that's deep.


The Hockeybird is usually gold, but today it's pure platinum. Check it out:

" 'How fat is Ken Hitchcock?' I voted for 'Sci-fi comic fat, with well-formed man-boobs.' Be sure to cast your vote. "


"When Ovechkin wins the Calder over gold-medalist Henrik Lundqvist in a few months, I hope we get treated to highlight footage of his shorthanded goal with five-minutes to play when his team was down by seven goals."


With a couple of road wins earned on the back of a blazing hot Cristobal Huet, the Canadiens finally have a little breathing room in the #8 spot. Sure, the opposition wasn't exactly the Sens and 'Canes, but the way they've been playing on the road this season any wins are cause for optimism. Don't look now, but they're closer to Tampa and Jersey in the standings than they are to Boston/Toronto/Atlanta.

Speaking of Tampa, The Bolts will be Saturday's opposition. I'm not optimistic about this game, given that they were utterly spanked Tuesday night by the Panthers and then had three days off to stew in their own juices. I expect them to be rested, solid, and generally cheesed off which could mean a rough night for les boys. Then again, in the words of the immortal Fats Waller, "One never knows, do one?" A Habs win would put them two points back of Tampa with a game in hand...


Blogger JP said...

Obviously I'm an Ovechkin loyalist, but the fact that the guy plays hard no matter what the score is (unlike the last superstar to wear a Caps sweater, who, coincidentally, now resides in Manhattan) is something to be admired, not belittled.

And if anyone thinks that Alex is scoring too many goals in garbage time, I'd direct them to this article from last week's Toronto Star.

3/03/2006 5:54 p.m.  
Blogger Jeff J said...

Oh, I agree. No question, that comment had a greenish tint, but that's part of what made it funny.

3/04/2006 11:25 a.m.  

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