IIHF is a Joke

What is with all the absurd rules? The Canadian women will be the visiting team in their final versus the Swedes. Doug Weight was assesed a minor penalty for not immediately retreating to his bench after his helmet was knocked off by an opponent. If a goalie chooses to make a save with his mask (as Hasek has been known to do), play is stopped immediately for concern for his well-being. If the IIHF is so focused on safety - they also mandate the use of visors - how can they let Jaromir Jagr play with that relic of a helmet??

There has always been a divide between the North American game and the International game, but some of these "rules" are just out to lunch. It seems like they make decisions out of spite, just to make the point that they don't like many aspects of the North American/NHL game. Now, I'm not saying that international hockey should aim to be like the NHL circa 1975. There should not be the present gap between NA hockey and European hockey, and the IIHF should not be making these idiotic decisions unilaterally.


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