World Pond Hockey Championships

After the build-up of the US Pond Hockey Championship and the Canadian Pond Hockey Championship comes the 5th Annual World Pond Hockey Championship at Roulston Lake in Plaster Rock, NB.

This event takes place just up the road from me. Well, 100kms up the road. From it's humble beginnings as a beerfest punctuated by games of shinny, it has really grown into a big international event (without losing the beerfest).

This year, 120 teams representing 12 Canadian provinces/territories, 26 U.S. states and 12 countries will vie to have their names carved into the holy Wooden Cup.

A team from Calgary called the Rustlers has procured a
ringer by the name of Brian Skrudland. Can this trade deadline acquisition help the Rustlers unseat the mighty Boston Danglers, a group of Canadian ex-pats who are the two-time champs? Stay Tuned!

Update: The Danglers achieved their three-peat! Congrats!


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