Who Should Be On Team Canada

Yes, that title is intended to bait you. So, who indeed should have been named to the team? Staal? Sid? Spezza?

Nope. You can speculate about players until the cows come home. The fact is, as usual, Team Canada has the best collection of individual players in the tournament. The problem has not been the player selection.

Now, how about Darryl Sutter. We all saw how Brent brought together the Canadian juniors and instilled an all-for-one attitude to decisively win the WJHCs, despite being overmatched talent-wise by a couple of other teams. Darryl does the same thing with his Flames. So far the Finns have looked like a Sutter coached team, and they are starting to look like a medal favourite. In fact, I'll make a prediction: if Canada does not win this thing, we will see a Sutter behind the bench in Vancouver. Indeed, we might see that even if Canada wins this year.

Of course, my suggestion is based on the premise that the team is indeed giving a full effort and trying to win every game but failing. Some (including some players) have suggested that they aren't taking the round robin seriously and are saving their best effort for the medal round. Personally, I think it's pure rationalization. But, hey, whatever works. They'd better hope it works or they'll find themselves in the figure skaters' kiss & cry zone without a medal.


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