Huet Loses and the News

It was a close one, but the Canadiens
fell 2-1 to the Lightning. Don't worry Cristobal, Habs fans are still happy to be "Stuck With You." That tune takes you back, doesn't it? All the way back to 1986... the year a certain unheralded netminder led Habs to the Stanley Cup...


I had a dream last night that the Habs played the Hurricanes. I was only subliminally aware that the teams would be meeting in Montreal on Thursday. Weird. Anyway, Kevyn (not Craig) Adams netted an eye-popping 6 goals in an 8-2 laugher. Wonder if Kevyn dreams like I do...

There are only two Adamses in the NHL right now and they're both with the 'Canes. What is with the Addams Family concentrating themselves on a single team, anyway? Seems like it was only yesterday I was struggling to differentiate
Greg A. Adams from Greg C. Adams on the Canucks.


There is some great stuff in a new blog called
Vic's Space. For example, this piece is justification for my dislike of Cory Stillman, but is also a crushing blow to my affection for Ryan Smyth.


In Habs Prospect land, Kyle Chipchura's Prince Albert Raiders are not playoff-bound. Kyle could now join the Hamilton Bulldogs, says
this article at Hockeysfuture.com.


Here's an updated picture of the competition for the stretch run:

Both the Islanders and the Leafs have 64 points and 19 games left, but I chose to include only the Buds. Until they are mathematically eliminated, Toronto is the horror movie villain that just won't die.


- Tampa has the easiest schedule, and hosts the Thrashers three times. Worst case scenario: a trio of 3-point games. Best case: the Bolts take all three in regulation.

- The Habs have the 2nd easiest schedule, and have nine games left versus the bottom feeders of the East: Pittsburgh (2), Washington (2), Boston (2) and the Isles (3). Don Cherry espouses a loosey-goosey effect, by which teams in the playoff hunt are often beat by teams that are out of contention and hence have 'nothing to lose.' The skeptic (and Cherry-hater) in me says this effect is imaginary.


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