Penalties on Parade

The Battle of Ontario has a game review from the Tronna perspective. It includes a blueprint for Leafs success for the rest of the season.

Note item #3: The officiating must be favorable. Oh, yes, it was indeed favourable last night. This is getting to be a
theme for Habs games in the ACC that are officiated by the pride of Hogtown himself, Dean Warren. This time, Warren's accomplice was Craig Spada of Fort Erie, Ontario.

Despite playing three games in four nights, the Habs carried most of the 5-on-5 play in the first two periods. Of course, there were only 17 seconds of 5-on-5 play in the first two periods. Komisarek's high-stick on Domi early in the 3rd sealed the deal - the Leafs scored twice on the resulting double minor. Oh, and Ponikarovsky's dive and flopping in the 2nd? Magnificent! As beautiful an embellishment as Ribeiro '04.


Bernie 'Boom-Boom' Geoffrion has been
placed on the DL with stomach cancer. He says he'll be able to make it to Montreal on Saturday for his sweater retirement ceremony. Watch for a big game from Saku Koivu.


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