Gainey Unloads Millstone

Well, that was unexpected.

I mean, when was the last time you heard of a player who is out with a long-term injury being traded? Obviously, Pierre Lacroix expects the circa-2002 Theo to re-emerge at some point, either in time for this year's playoffs or next year's. But to rely on Budaj/Kolesnik down the stretch in a tight race? Yeesh, them's balls o' steel.

Here's what Lacroix is thinking: He watched ten Avs take part in the Olympics in Turin. Lacroix is bringing in Theo to provide a convenient source for Propecia, which he will slip into his team's water supply, and voila! No more Avs at the Olympics! Watch for hockey players with hairy backs in Denver.

From the Montreal perspective: In the off-season, Jose Theodore leveraged his 2002 Hart trophy season for an albatross of a contract - $16M over three years. At the time, Gainey's hands were tied - he had to bite the bullet and pay the lad, rather than disgruntle a popular player. Since then, things have gone... poorly. Although Theo is paid Hart-winner bucks, he's been providing minimum-wage performance. That spells doom in a salary capped league. And then there are all the other 'distractions,' documented nicely in this article.

Now, somehow, Bob Gainey has managed to crawl out from under that contract. The icing on the cake is that he managed to bring in an adequate replacement for the stretch drive. Seems Gainey's new plan is to count on Aebischer/Huet/Danis to serve as crease filler until Carey Price is ready. After this season I'm unsure of Aebischer's status - reports are conflicting as to whether he will be a RFA or UFA. Either way, this deal is not bad. Not bad at all.

Who thought the Habs would be heading into the stretch run with a goaltending tandem from France and Switzerland?


Headline: Canadian Crooks honoured by IOC

I told ya the Olympics are corrupt.


This just in: Montreal has acquired Todd Simpson from the Blackhawks for a 6th round draft pick.

The Habs are already a team that often gets into penalty trouble. Simpson will not help in this regard. Fortunately, I expect him to be nothing more than a depth player. He should only see service in case of injury to one of the regulars.


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