Pierre Lacroix likes Montreal Pig's Ears

Seems like every problem the Canadiens have winds up in Colorado. First there was Roy. Then Brisebois, now Theodore. Next, Gainey should try to pawn off Radek Bonk, the Canadian tax system and the insane obsessed Montreal media to the Avalanche. Let's see Pierre turn those into silk purses.


Last night's 3-0 win in Boston was a bland game until a second period post-whistle scrum. There was a little cheap shot by Boynton that was so ridiculously embellished by Ribeiro that it brought back Bruins' memories of spring '04. Numerous infractions followed. The hockey game had more oomph after that, but it was still apparent this was a contest between a road-weary club playing it's 6th in 10 days and a club demoralized by it's "seller at the trade deadline" status.

Rapidfire thoughts: Tim Thomas was excellent. Huet was good - he didn't have to be great, with the B's pop-gun offense. Zednik is looking snakebitten. Wonder if it was the same snake that got Bonk. Maybe they should invest in a mongoose. At least Zed has started to do more 'little things,' as he threw several hits. The game was yet another contest decided by special teams, which sucks. The Habs garnered 9 out of 12 points on their six game road trip.

"I don't think there's another goalie in the league playing as well as him. If he had played the whole season, he'd be the Vezina Trophy winner." - Sheldon Souray
Think Shelly misses Theo?


this a joke? The headline reads, "Let's mortgage farm for Ovechkin."

Peter Worthington (a pen name?) of the Toronto Sun says, "I'd trade any four or five Leafs for Ovechkin. He's that awesome."

Ya know, this Worthington chap is right! What a discovery! ( that's sarcasm )

He goes on to say, "As for Ovechkin, would the Caps trade him for, say, Sundin and any three others? They'd be crazy not to."

Wow. Just look at what "Sundin and any three others" have done for the Leafs this year, and imagine what they would do for the Caps. Stupidity, thy name is Peter Worthington.


Anonymous Lyle Richardson said...

Interestingly, the Denver media isn't as excited about the Theodore acquisition as they were ten years ago when Lacroix acquired Roy. That move was seen as making the Avs a champion.

This one? Denver Post columnist Terry Frei suggests this time around, the Habs (more specifically, Bob Gainey) fleeced the Avs, and accused Lacroix of living in a fantasy world by believing this is a Roy redux.

3/10/2006 4:51 p.m.  
Blogger Jeff J said...

Oh yeah? I haven't checked out the Frei guy's latest yet...

It's easy to look at the two names in the deal and think 'we wuz robbed!' Then, when you take a step back and look at the big picture - Theo's numbers since 01-02, the injury, the cap - it makes more and more sense. I like the way Gainey works.

Of course, I hope as much as anyone that Theo regains his Hart form, but I just don't see it happening.

3/10/2006 5:16 p.m.  

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