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Making the usual rounds of the mighty interweb, I found plenty of Habs news to fill up a blog post.

1) Who the hell is Matt Canamucio? Apparently, he's this smug-looking... person.
The Hockey News trusted him to write this Montreal Canadiens season preview. He projects that the Habs will be out of the playoffs, citing their lack of blockbuster moves in the offseason and Gainey's dismissal of several "dependable" veterans, such as "Patrice Brisebois, Karl Dykhuis and Stephane Quintal."

"...this could be a developmental season in Montreal, one that has the team in contention until the very end. Unfortunately, growing pains may leave them falling short."

Well, Matt, Karl Dykhuis played nine games Montreal in '03-04. Quintal has retired and any reasonable observer would have interpreted his return as a sign of trouble. Brisebois? If you were unaware of his situation, what are you doing writing a Montreal Canadiens article?? To be fair, maybe the hockey part of his brain petrified during the lockout. It happens to the best of us after a period of time away from our jobs. After a weekend of heavy drinking, I often forget how to do basics like brew a fresh pot of coffee when it's empty or surf the web when my boss isn't looking.

2) Word on the Habsworld boards is the Habs Goal Song has been replaced by U2's "Vertigo." That's a shame. The Goal Song was an original piece of music produced by a company called l'Oreille (that's "ear" in French) for the team in 2000. You can
hear the tune here.

3) CP says Guillaume Latendresse is
trying to keep a level head with all the attention he's been getting. Another example of the intense media and fan attention paid to this franchise.

4) Another article by CP says
Mark Streit is fighting hard with Ron Hainsey and the unheralded Andre Benoit for the seventh defenseman spot. I figured Streit would be a lock for #7 if Hainsey performed his usual disappearing act at camp, and that he might even edge out "Bubble" Bouillon. The article also mentions this interesting tidbit:

"If [Streit] makes the team, Montreal will have three national team captains - Streit, Saku Koivu of Finland and Alex Kovalev of Russia."

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