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One name I forgot to mention yesterday among those performing well at camp: Guillaume Latendresse. That point is made well in this article by Jason Menard at Hockeysfuture.com.

Menard suggests that, in the dogfight among the forward prospects, Higgins is on top, followed by Hossa, Perezhogin, and Plekanec. Kostitsyn and Latendresse are almost sure to spend another year grooming their skills.

Last Friday NHL.com published their Canadiens season preview, which was written by Phil Coffey. Among his nuggets of brilliance:

"Bonk may be pushed for minutes by Jan Bulis..."

Consensus among those following the team is Bulis will be Bonk's left winger.

"Alex Kovalev... should give the Habs plenty of speed..."

Well, I suppose 'speed' is subjective. It's a mistake lots of writers make: Russian=speedy.

Coffey goes on to name Huet as Theo's backup, neglecting to mention that he will miss half the year, then misspells Zednik. Then he really goes out on a limb, making this bold prediction:

"With the pieces in place in Montreal, it would be hard to envision a scenario where the Canadiens are not in the thick of things all season."

So, the article is up to NHL.com's impeccable standards.


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