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A number of reports have said the Canadiens still have plenty of cap room. I don't see it. Those reports are probably based on missing information. TSN, for example, has Theo's '05-06 salary listed at $4.5M. Technically that's correct, but it's meaningless because the cap figure is $5.33M ($16 mill over 3 years).

Here are the cap-wise salaries, to the best of my knowledge:

I believe there have been announcements that Plekanec and Aitken have been signed as well, probably to two-way contracts. Of the 'undisclosed' salaries, I figure only Komi's would be much more than the minimum. Any player in camp taking the place of Hossa, Vandermeer, Huet or Streit would probably be earning close to the minimum.

So, for a roster of 21, my total is about $34.5M. That's pretty close to the cap considering this team's age and talent. Taking on any more long-term contracts could really tie Gainey's hands when the time comes to lock up the younger stars. The current payroll is high enough - maybe even a little too high for my liking.


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