Hockey's Back!

It's official! The Habs have had their first media fiasco of the new season!

TQS played tape of Jose Theodore evidently making a rude gesture. Sigh. This is yet another example of the Montreal media's sensationalistic and overblown reporting.

Theodore said: "That's why we have some players who would rather sign somewhere else," in a statement quite likely to be sensationalized and overblown by the Montreal media.

Theo makes a very good point. There is a good editorial piece by a writer at Habsworld.net on the subject here.

Jack Todd says the decision to run with this story would have been made by TQS news director Bernard Brisset a former member of the Canadiens' PR department who apparently has an axe to grind. Todd continues:

"The worst effect of all this may be on future francophone free agents who hear about such blatantly unfair treatment of French-speaking players in this market and elect to sign elsewhere."

It's not an easy place to play, especially for francophones, and could conceivably lead to a 'hometown premium' instead of the hometown discount enjoyed by the Leafs. In the new 'capped' league, that would be severely detrimental to building a team. How many times have we seen the Habs acquire a star player only to watch his production drop? How many times have we seen a good young player develop into a star with the Habs? How many times have we seen a good young player develop into a star once he is moved to another city? This would be a good topic for some in-depth analysis in a later post...

In other camp news, Pat Hickey is saying Guillaume Latendresse is turning some heads. Apparently, Mike Ribeiro is impressed with his skating. Of course, getting a skating compliment from Mike Ribeiro isn't exactly like getting a passing compliment from Gretzky or a fighting compliment from Tiger Williams. I'll take notice if Jan Bulis is impressed with his skating.


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