The Clarkson Cup

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''The Clarkson Cup is something that has evolved in the most wonderful and meaningful way,'' Clarkson said Wednesday.

She's naming it after herself. How modest! This is yet another attempt by Clarkson to add to her legacy and enduring fame during her term as powerless figurehead of the Canadian government. On the taxpayers' dime, of course.

''I thought (it was) an intriguing idea of giving the Stanley Cup to women's hockey if no men were going to get it. It seemed to be perfectly logical - the women were still playing,'' she said during a speech.

News flash, your honour - the men were still playing too. You're supposed to be a Canadian. Please stop making the idiotic assumption that hockey and the NHL are equivalent.

Of course, I'm all for women's hockey. It's a great idea to produce an icon for the sport in it's emerging days - something that, years from now, we can look at in a similar reverence we now have for the Stanley Cup. Instead of the egotistical Clarkson, why not attach the name of a woman who has really done something for womens' hockey, or womens' sport in general?


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