My, oh my.

Hmmm. It's true.

The National Hockey League, evidently a "non-profit association" in Canada that provides "entertainment services, namely professional ice hockey exhibitions" has trademarked a new slogan. My NHL.

They obviously hired the same sort of cattle-minded marketroids that are responsible for the current rash of "my whatever" ad campaigns, including, according to TESS, "My Invisible Gloves," "My Ex-Husband's Gravy" and "My Choice tobacco.com."

What's wrong with letting the product speak for itself? Why not produce simple, informative marketing that showcases the game itself? It's something that goes way beyond hockey - Why must organizations stoop to advertising that is more about projecting and selling an attitude? And who exactly are the idiots who buy into this nauseating trash??

On the upside, Martha Burk finds the ads offensive.


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