The hype continues

Another round of cuts has turned into another story gushing about Guillaume Latendresse.

The cuts announced are Corey Locke, Andrei Kostitsyn, Jonathan Ferland, Andrew Archer and Jean-Philippe Cote - no surprises. The AP writer took the opportunity to drop Guillaume's name rather than mention the performance of the other half dozen or so players also fighting for jobs. I think it would be ill-advised to keep the kid in Montreal and waste one of his seven years before he's unrestricted. In the old CBA, junior-eligible players could stay with their NHL club for something like ten games, then be returned to junior for the rest of the year. If the same option exists in the new CBA, that might happen with Latendresse.

In what can only be considered good news for Habs fans, the Bruins still haven't signed Nick Boynton. No one likes to see a good young talent waste valuable playing time in a contract dispute, but if it helps Montreal, I'm all for it. As this story drags on, watch for the Toronto media to float the idea of the Leafs sending his agent an offer sheet. Stay tuned.

One week to go before they drop the puck, and the CBC is still playing chicken with it's employees. The union isn't likely to make any big concessions now that the network's flagship Hockey Night in Canada is in jeopardy of missing the start of the season. On this side of the border, October 5th will be a very big media day and the broadcaster should start to feel the heat.


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