After kicking around the tomato cans of the Central division (Columbus, Chicago and St. Louis) all season, Nashville and Detroit were given a rude awakening in the playoffs.

The standings boost that these two teams received from their creampuff schedule is one thing. One very, very often-mentioned thing. Unmentioned is a possible advantage this gave these two teams against stronger opponents in the regular season. More games facing inferior opponents means more opportunities to rest your stars or start your backup.

I'd be interested to see a breakdown of the icetime of the Wings' and Preds' top players by opponent. Maybe I'll do it in the offseason.


Game 6 last night was one for the ages. Some notes:

- The energy in the building was huge. I'm not a fan of doing the anthems, but I admit they pumped me up. Paul Lorieau sings the anthems the way they're meant to be sung, unlike pop tarts who prefer to 'interpret' them.

- Zetterberg had his way with
Sissy Spacek on the Wings 1st goal. The camera found a scary-hardcore Wings fan who looked like Tom Clancy jacked up on military grade amphetamines.

- What a well coordinated booing effort on Chelios! It's on as soon as the puck' on his tape, and off the instant he passes. Do they hand out instruction cards to fans as they enter the building?

- A colour guy (I believe it was Garrett) says Roloson is 'literally' on a roll in the 2nd.

- Speaking of colour guys... Everyone's been in this situation before. You know when one of your buddies has a few beers and just keeps running his mouth, and everyone else goes silent hoping he'll shut up and stop embarrassing himself, but he doesn't, and soon enough you're embarrassed for him? That guy is Greg Millen.

- The Rexall centre staff are missing out on a huge opportunity by not playing Abba's Fernando after a Pisani goal.

- Hemsky's first: For all the insistence of the broadcast crew that the goal would have been approved by the review, I'm willing to bet that the War Room replied, "Inconclusive." I still haven't seen a clear view of what happened.

- Moreau's block in the last minute, just like Horcoff's in game 5, is this series in a nutshell.

- You have to feel for Manny. After seeing both ends of the spectrum while caddying for a carousel of goalies (Osgood, Cujo, Hasek), he knows all about the pressure. He must have had mixed emotions after finally earning the starting job.


Former Habs' property
Francois Beauchemin laid a lickin' on Iggy in the 1st period last night. This guy has turned into a fantastic player for Anaheim. So, how'd the Habs lose him? He was nabbed off waivers by Columbus in Sept. '04. Sound familiar?


Blogger d-lee said...

The Rexall centre staff are missing out on a huge opportunity by not playing Abba's Fernando after a Pisani goal.

That made me laugh my ass off.

On a similar note, I think the RBC Center staff have made an error by electing to play "Wait" by Shite Lion during a video about Doug Weight.

5/02/2006 3:57 p.m.  
Blogger CasonBlog said...

Beauchemin and Marchant are key grit guys for the Ducks. Columbus got what in return? Sergei Take-the-night-ov?

5/02/2006 4:50 p.m.  
Anonymous The Rage said...

They actually used to play that song after Pisani goals. One time he got a hat-trick and after that I think people had had more than enough of that song.

5/02/2006 11:09 p.m.  
Anonymous kazmojo said...

Every time Beauchemin see him play for the Ducks, I wince. And by sounds familiar, you must mean Columbus nabbing Hainsey off waivers. I know Gainey is supposedly a hockey genius or something, but how did he lose his two best d-men prospects and with nothing to show in return? The Habs have some talented young forwards and goalies, but not much on the blue line.

5/03/2006 2:08 a.m.  
Anonymous John Garrett said...

"Moreau's block in the last minute, just like Horcoff's in game 5, is this series in a nutshell."

I think you meant to say is, 'it is literally this series in a nutshell'

5/03/2006 12:25 p.m.  
Blogger Jeff J said...

I don't know the all details of how Beauchemin was lost on waivers. Gainey has a good excuse w/ Hainsey, though.

In November, the Habs abruptly found themselves without three defensemen. Markov was suspended, Souray was hurt and Komisarek left the team to visit his dying mom. In the emergency, Gainey recalled Cote and Hainsey, presumably hoping Hainsey would slip through undetected. He didn't, and the Habs had to play in Ottawa with five defensemen.

Bob should do the same to Columbus first chance he gets.

5/03/2006 1:12 p.m.  

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