Todd Rants

Montreal Gazette columnist and known snarkalec Jack Todd uncorked some pent up rage this morning. [Attn: Caniacs. Jack Todd's views do not necessarily represent those of Sisu Hockey.]

First on his list is "Thunderstix." I don't really get the point of bringing noise enhancement devices to the rink - be they Thunderstix, the more traditional cowbells, or whatever. By handing these things out, is the organization suggesting that the role of the fan is to deliberately make as much noise as possible? And here I am, thinking the crowd noise was merely a by-product of enthusiasm for the game.

I wonder how far this could be allowed to go? Would the NHL step in if a team handed out air horns? How about standard-issue referee whistles? Now that would be a fun game to watch.

Todd should be careful, lest he be forced to eat some crow. Seems to me he wrote a similar rant a few years ago about Leafs fans and their tin foil Stanley Cups. Maybe they were rare in Montreal at the time, but they abound at the Bell Centre now. The same may yet happen with the Thunderstix plague.

Other stuff on Todd's mind: Jim Hughson's play-by-play is A-OK (agreed) and composite sticks ought to be banned (agreed).


In other links...

- Martin Brodeur wasn't too busy sweeping the Rangers to write his regular column. This week he sticks up for the masked men of the league (gee, what a surprise).
"Defenseman Niclas Wallin clearly prevented Huet from doing his job by positioning himself in the crease, while placing his stick between Huet's pads. We don't need those kind of goals."
- A big 'ol raspberry to the Montreal paparazzi for blowing flashbulbs in Koivu's eye.


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