Par for the Course

Top o' the mornin' to ya! Last night Carolina completed their 4-0 sweep of the season series, over which they outscored the Habs 25-9 and won by an average of four goals per game. The 5-1 final was just par for the course. At least Montreal held Kevyn Adams to less than six goals.

In the 13 games that Andrei Markov has missed, the Habs have gone 3-10 and have been outscored 52-26. This guy is the perfect defenseman for the new NHL. He makes the team tick. They need him back pronto, or they will really be aiming for pars this spring.

According to
mc79hockey, Montreal still has a pretty good chance of making the playoffs. Interesting to note that their most likely placement is 6th, which reflects the soft schedule they face for their final 17 games. The 6th seed would be a godsend, given that the 7th and 8th seeds will be facing the Hurricanes and Senators. The 'Canes have owned the Habs this season (see above paragraph). Montreal has played much better against Ottawa, but are still only 2-3-1. Thanks to the new NHL policy of making everyone a winner, the Sens are 4-1-1 vs. the Habs. I'm not sure which is the scarier option:

- facing a team that has blown you out by a combined score of 25-9 in a series of laughers, or
- facing a team against whom you have played about as well as you possibly can, yet who are still walking away with the season series.

Rather than test the Habs resilience against either foe I'd much rather face the New York Rangers or the Flyers of Philadelphia, against whom the Habbies have earned 6 and 7 points respectively out of the possible 8. But first, just make the damn playoffs, boys.


TSN's Down East correspondent Alex J. Walling penned this tribute to Boom Boom Geoffrion and Red Storey.


Blogger CasonBlog said...

Only Craig Rivet seemed to take the pounding personally last night. I thought Aebischer was pretty good in his debut. Most of the goals the 'Canes scored were on pucks moving across the face of the goal. That's more of a defensive failure than Abby's fault.

3/17/2006 2:20 p.m.  
Blogger Jeff J said...

Yeah, I only caught it in the radio, but that was the impression the CJAD radio guys gave.

The contest featured an unofficial league record number of Swiss with Gerber, Aebischer and Streit all playing. One might have expected a fairly neutral game (pun fully intended), but people say it was pretty good until the Canes blew it open in the 3rd.

3/17/2006 3:37 p.m.  

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