Brett Hull's First Blunder

$5M per season for Mike Ribeiro? Wow. Well done, Brett. Why, oh why couldn't you have been hired as the next GM for the Leafs?

THN's Ryan Dixon notes that Ribs is indeed on pace for 41 goals and 87 points. As some other writer once said, "I'm on pace to live forever." He's shooting over 36% - more than double his career number. On top of that, according to the behindthenet qualcomp numbers there are only two Dallas forwards playing softer minutes than Ribs: Krys Barch and Brad Winchester. If Ribeiro scores 40 goals this season - or any other season for that matter - I'll eat my shirt.

Hull said he wanted to mould his team in his own image. Handsomely rewarding an indifferent floater is a great first step in that direction.


Blogger Rob said...

This post makes me feel better.

Hopefully one of the kids will develop into a legit 40 goal man in the coming years.

1/09/2008 5:01 p.m.  
Blogger MetroGnome said...

I made the comment when the signing happened that only bad management can explain paying for an asset at the very apex of it's value. No way does Ribeiro sustain or repeat this performance.

I haven't looked too deeply, but I think the 'Hawks just did something similar with Sharp.

1/18/2008 8:29 p.m.  

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