A Mediocre Post

Stupid interweb was broken yesterday. How the hell am I supposed to slack off at work without my interweb?? Frig. As if work didn't interfere enough with my blogging already. So, to catch up on this week's news...

On Sunday, the Habs finally got the Crosby Monkey off their backs and avoided a season sweep at the hands (flippers? Water wings??) of the Penguins. That gave them four wins in their nasty five 5-games-in-7-days stretch. Not bad.

Kevin Gibson's Monday Hockey Report:
"With [Humpty Dumpty] being sold, my favourite snacking past time is coming to an end, I'm going to have to retire from potato chip eating. Which is a shame because I'm in my prime."

I love this guy's columns. It's like some internet backwater where he can say whatever he wants because no one is paying attention. Kinda like Sisu Hockey.

On Tuesday: Huet says, "Satan, get thee out!"

Wednesday: Get ready to roll your eyes at Bucci's latest.

Is there anything more mainstream than saying, "Man, I'm so totally NOT mainstream!" Gimme a friggin' break. You work for ESPN. The letters from readers section is better than usual, where there is some discussion on hockey parenting. He offers up this interesting tidbit:
"Ed Jovanovski did not start playing hockey until he was 11."

Today (Thursday): Hockeydirt celebrates the Habs' season saviour. Nice.


"...if I could be any NHL player, I'd want to be Alexander Ovechkin. Young, a hot-shot, talented, and with a hoard of delirious male groupies falling in my path, offering to copulate my passes. That would be the life."
Sorry, I just can't think of a comment. No comment would do it justice.

Pet peeve/Grammar Nazi rant OTD: The Chicago Blackhawks are not mired in mediocrity. Mediocre implies average or middling. In the NHL, that's playoff calibre. The Blackhawks are mired in craptitude, not mediocrity.


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