Olympic Predictions - The Bookie Edition

These are from an internet gambling website that amalgamates the odds offered by numerous online bookmakers:

Now, here are my predictions:

I picked the Slovaks to usurp 3rd in their group just to make for a much more interesting quarter-final: Can-USA and Cze-Svk, along with Swe-Fin and Rus-Sui. Switzerland is primed to overtake Germany for #8 in a 7-horse race. Now that Sturm and Hecht are out, it should be a rough ride for the Deutschlanders.

Now for the medal round:

Gold - Canada
Silver - Czech

Bronze - Russia

4th - Sweden

5th - Slovakia, USA, Finland, Switzerland
9th - Germany, Latvia, Italy, Kazakhstan

I'm picking Canada for the gold because they get home ice (I think) against the Czechs in their final game of the round robin. That gives them a miniscule edge for 1st in the group, and home ice the rest of the way. Russia gets the bronze only because of the spate of injuries to Sverige.

This does not mean that I think Canada will probably win the gold. In fact, I think they probably will not. There was only one bookmaker that had the Canadians as the odds-on favourite at 1.85:1. If I could get even odds on "Canada will win gold" or "Canada will not win gold," I would have to take the latter. However, I do think their odds are better than anyone else's. Hence the prediction.

The entire schedule is available here.


Now for the Canadiens content. What a close season series:

Nov. 04: Mtl 3, Buf 2
Nov. 05: Buf 2, Mtl 3
Nov. 25: Mtl 1, Buf 3
Dec. 01: Buf 3, Mtl 2 OT
Feb. 07: Buf 3, Mtl 2 OT
Feb. 09: Mtl 3, Buf 2 OT

There have been 15 points distributed over the 6 games: Mtl 8, Buf 7. The total goals are Buf 15, Mtl 14.

Gainey paired up Ribeiro and Kovalev four games back, and the duo has been excellent. Ribeiro is 0g, 3a, +3 and Kovalev is 3g, 3a, +3 since then.


Blogger Trev said...

These scores remind me of the Sabres-Habs series in 1993 playoff run: Habs sweep the Sabres in four games with all final scores being 4-3 and three in OT.

2/13/2006 1:42 p.m.  
Blogger Jeff J said...

Ah, yes - good catch!

The hockeydb page with that playoff result can be found here.

2/13/2006 3:52 p.m.  

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