Crosby gets a '10'

I've been waiting for this: the folks at hockeysfuture.com have given Sidney Crosby a rating of 10.0 C. According to their rating scheme, a 10.0 is a "generational talent." "Think Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr..."

They qualified this prediction with the 'C' which means there is a risk of him sliding down as far as two pegs into a player of the calibre of Patrick Elias.

That seems fair, I guess. I would have given Sid a 9.5B because it's tough to put an 18-year old in the same group as Gretzky, Orr and Lemieux. One of the kid's criticisms is that he didn't dominate the QMJHL like Lemieux. Mario led the league with 282 points in '83-84, with the runner-up scoring 170. Crosby finished first with 168 points last year with the second place player getting 116. What goes unmentioned: Crosby did this as an 18-year old. Lemieux's season was accomplished as a 19-year-old. When he was 18, Mario finished 50 points behind Pat Lafontaine. So, perhaps the 10.0 rating is justified.

What would Sid do in the QMJHL as a 19-year-old? One thing is for sure - we will never know.


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