Breathe a sigh of relief, Sens fans

Muckler almost traded Martin Havlat for Eric Cole. Whew!

Cole is a good player, and gets a lot of respect from hockey folk given his meagre accomplishments. I suppose it's because he's called a 'gritty' or 'rugged' forward. He is is built for the old NHL - he has the strength to fight through the clutching and grabbing to get his scoring opportunities. Of course, I remember him well from the 2002 playoffs when his 'Canes dispatched the Habs.

However, Havlat is one of the most mind-bogglingly talented skaters in hockey. He has moves that just make you shake your head. Removing him from the sens seriously compromises the incredible forward depth they're so well known for. In the *New & Improved* NHL, he should be able to really put his speed and skills on display.


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