Game 7 Belated Commentary

1st Period

- To start: 21 11 27, 51 26. This is not the time for experimentation Carbo. Stick with the girl you brought to the dance.

- Everyone on both teams looks tentative.

- The next line: 46 14 74

- The first solid Bruins pressure occurs while Lapierre line is on.

- Smolinski line is outplayed by Savard.

- Komisarek on a deflection! 1-0.

- Again, Lapierre = chances for Boston.

- Early on it looks like every line but Koivu's gets stuck in own zone. B's gain the red line uncontested, not so for Mtl.

- Order is restored in the universe: 21-11-74.

- Begin hustles like a Bruin. He draws a penalty.

- PP awful again, they're beat to every puck. Wish they showed the same effort they do at EV. Better yet, give the same effort the Bs do all the time.

1st intermission:

Fine, Don, you're pro-Boston. We get it. We aren't asking you to change your mind. Dinosaurs are stubborn. Rather, we would prefer to see someone else in the 1st intermission. Someone whose opinion I care about. Someone who doesn't need every single f***ing pun from Ron MacLean explained to him twice. Maybe Steve Shutt? He's entertaining.

2nd Period

- Bruins utilize the lob.

- Looks like Murray is out. Mtl has carried the play since he left.

- Boston's Krejci line beats Smoke's.

- SKost goes for interference, penalties are 3-1 in Boston's favour.

- Come on, don't sit on the 1-0 lead guys!

- Kovy back on Koivu's line.

- Yikes, Habs 5 best players, 21 11 27 8 79 were hemmed in by the Metropolit line.

- Streit!!!! 2-0!!! Bob Cole mutters his saddest "ohhh... baby." ever!

- The little guy from Shawinigan's in attendance, waving a towel.

- Sturm is a fine player.

- Chara goes off for holding. Work it low on right side, Kovy!!!

- Higgins hustles like a Bruin.

- We have a horn on the faceoff... is it a phone call from the 'war room' in T-Dot? Seems every office with lots of phones and monitors gets called a 'war room.'

- SKost! QBing the PP from Kovy's spot! Brother Andrei makes it 3-0! I'll never disparage the kid again. PP has it's mojo back.

- Cole: "We'll be hearing that song a lot tonight, with a 3-0 lead" Will someone *please* explain this song to the old coot??

- Slow-inski, caught by Savard on the breakaway.

- Senator Mahovlich in attendance. Reading lips, it looks like he's reminding everyone in a 10-seat radius that he's "not with THOSE Senators."

- 3-0 after two, but I'm reminded of last season's final game debacle vs. Leafs. A lot can happen in one period.

2nd intermission

Spent the whole time cleaning up this crap writing.

3rd Period

- They kill off the remainder of a penalty from the 2nd, then Bouillon goes off for boarding. He's making the dive sign, but it was a dumb hit.

- So far so good for the PK.

- Lucic reaches skyward at Price's clear, very much resembling a great ape reaching for a low branch. Funny.

- Chara might have a case on Begin's block attempt that turned into a trip.

- *Another* penalty. I think they're 6-3 now.

- It's about time. Ference called for some crease violence.

- No goal on the PP, but it looks like they're trying. This is improvement.

- Higgins breakaway.... no dice.

- Go Flyers.

- Wow, Begin breaks Wideman's stick with a slash, but no call. That's usually called, but I hate it. You have to be able to play a guy's stick.

- Savard off for goalie interference, 3:00 left. That should do it.

- 4-0, Brisebois point shot, rebound knocked in by AKost. Now get the shutout for Price, lads.

- Go Flyers.

- SKost with 10 seconds left to punctuate the end of this series. 5-0.

- Three cheers for Boston. Great city, lovable team.

- Go Flyers.

No Cinderella run for Boston this year. It's midnight, and Claude Julien's gourd-like melon has turned back into a pumpkin.

Go Flyers.


Anonymous mikado said...

Yup, tonight the REAL habs showed up, despite the blatant attempt in the second and third by the refs, to let the Bs back into the game; with several calls against Montreal and several non-calls on the Bs. Full Kudos to Pricey and also to my least fave Hab, Koivu , who seemed to light a fire under Higgins and Kovy's butts, with his return. GOOD JOB GUYS! One down, 3 to go!

4/21/2008 11:22 p.m.  
Anonymous mikado said...

oops, almost forgot....Go Phillys

4/21/2008 11:23 p.m.  
Anonymous olibou said...

Koivu will never cease to impress me. It's not simply a matter of talent, or so called "energy". It's more a matter of sheer, refined cunning. What we may call lighting a fire under whomever's butt is, more precisely, an ability to make teammates better trough quick and assured decision-making.

I laughed at the girl to the dance thing. Carbonneau was right: Koivu is the only forward on the team who can keep the puck away from Kovalev and force him to stop procrastinating. How long will it last? Dunno. Hopefully 2 more games, to give Pleks and the Kosts time to gel...

4/22/2008 12:51 a.m.  
Anonymous mikado said...

"No Cinderella run for Boston this year. It's midnight, and Claude Julien's gourd-like melon has turned back into a pumpkin."

I always thought he looked like a jack-0-lantern, at that!

4/22/2008 2:25 a.m.  
Blogger Jeff J said...

Yeah, the 21-11-27 line seemed to work out OK :)

With all of Chara's special teams icetime, he didn't get as many minutes as usual against the big guns.

Kost/Pleks/Kost line looked great too, and Smoke's line performed as usual in this series. The only downer was the 4th line, who were absolutely thumped in terms of territory, posession and chances. Streit got that big goal, but they were awfully lucky to be +1 on the night.

4/22/2008 11:49 a.m.  

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