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Colby Cosh's Big Spreadsheet now has Montreal as the most likely finalist (as of Apr. 24). Their Cup odds are 21.4%, only behind Detroit's 23.0%. Ottawa stands at 3.7%. The only reasonable reaction to this is: HUH???

This is clearly a complex conspiracy designed the jinx the Habs.


Further to a point I made earlier today about Gainey's chosen playoff lineup: Aaron Downey played regularly down the stretch. In the two playoff games thusfar, the rarely used Niklaus Sundstrom has been dressed.

With Steve Begin out, it seems Gainey is going with a gentile style versus the 'Canes. This is odd, considering Bob shifted the team toward a more rough & tumble game when he stepped behind the bench. He acquired Downey, and often dressed he and Begin ahead of Bulis/Zednik/Sunny.

In the regular season, the Habs amassed 1688 hits (that's just the sum of the players' stats from nhl.com including mid season acquisitions). Carolina's total is 1217. So far in their playoff series, Carolina has totaled 36 hits to Montreal's 21. The 'Canes are hitting at their regular season pace, while the Habs have eased up. That could be a home/road difference, I suppose, but I think it is more likely that the Habs are playing a safe game to avoid penalties.

With the series moving to Montreal tomorrow night, the Habs have to keep doing what they've been doing - keep playing a road game, that is - and not get caught up in the hoopla at home.


I saw The Rocket on the weekend. If you get a chance, go see it.

Hockey player cameos include Stephane Quintal, Mathieu Dandenault and Vincent Lecavalier. Mike Ricci and Sean Avery have more prominent roles.


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