Kovalev a 'Cat Person'

From Pat Hickey's latest:

"I've been saying that I hate the word underdog and after winning the first game, I don't think we're the underdogs," said Kovalev, who was part of the New York Rangers' Stanley Cup winner in 1994. "I think we've taken a step up. We're cats now."


Some quick thoughts on Saturday's match (been busy and Blogger's being cranky):

- Sheldon Souray is struggling with skating backward and staying in front of opponents. He was bloody awful on that first goal. I mean, take the man, not the puck! It's pee wee stuff! Then Souray made an ill-advised pass on the PP which resulted in a shorthanded breakaway. How do you do that - give up a breakaway on the PP with a 4-1 lead in the 3rd? Yeesh.

- Don Cherry blamed the ref for getting into Shelly's way. Thanks Don, but we really don't want your support. After all, it didn't do the Leafs any good this year. And another thing, Don, what was that you said in the 1st Tampa-Ottawa game, about Brad Richards being good on the point during PPs? Ron asked if you thought it was risky and you said no, because Richards is "like a defenseman back there." So. Richards got burned for a huge SHG. Fonzie put a defenseman back there instead. Any further comment, Don? No? Didn't think so.

- We gave up a gift goal 50 seconds in, but Gerber re-gifted it in the 9th minute for Bouillon.

- In the 17th minute of the 1st, Bonk scored the winner. Meanwhile, Stillman was off making snow angels in no man's land. Other than that, the only thing Stillman achieved was serving Gerber's diving penalty. At least he's a team player.

- I couldn't believe the margin held by the 'Canes in shots. Neither could the Habs. From the same Hickey article, Huet says:

"I had to make some tough saves, but the quality wasn't there... There were a lot of shots from wide angles and from far away."

and Rivet says:

"I don't know who was counting, but we only had seven shots in each period? Give me a break."

- Koivu only played ~13 minutes. Gainey rested the checkers late in the game - smart move.

Tonight, Ray Whitney is in the lineup and Gerber gets the start again.


What a game between the Bolts and Sens last night! St. Louis and Boyle were awesome. Just had to say that.


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