Zed, a Spleen, and The Beaverbrook

The significant other wanted to see the finale of Canada-Russia '72, so I missed over half of last night's game. For the portion that I saw, the Sens carried most of the play while the Habs demonstrated some excellent bend but not break defense. Richard Zednik was back in the lineup due to injuries to Bonk and Begin, and he scored the game winner. Zed ain't dead yet, baby.

Ya know, if you take away the generation's best goaltender, their top three defensemen (including two Norris contenders) and one of the best second line wingers in the league, we can actually play with these guys. Montreal finished the season series with the Senators at 4-3-1, earning 9 out of the 16 points available. On the other side of the fence, Ottawa went... 4-3-1, earning 9 out of the 16 points available. Great! We both get bragging rights!


Hockeydirt features a prominent local story. A high school girl shows everyone that she can play just as dirty as the boys by lacerating an opponent's spleen.


As mentioned earlier, the finale of Canada-Russia '72 was on last evening. Don't worry - I won't spoil it for everyone by blabbing about how it ends. Let's just say a certain team wearing red and white emerged victorious, but only after a certain someone breaks the ankle of another certain someone and a last-minute goal by a third certain someone...

Oh, and the hotel that Team Canada stayed in? I've been to three wedding receptions at the same building. No one was injured by falling chandeliers.


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