Enough with the goalie talk already

The latest G.C. (that's Goaltending Controversy) in Montreal has spawned a bevy of articles on Huet and Theodore.

There's even a feature on
Carey Price at NHL.com.


Why did Alex Kovalev sign with Montreal? The avid fans and hockey atmosphere? His outstanding run in the '04 playoffs? The history of the franchise? Nope.

"It was simple. They were the only team that was interested, and that's why I signed. I can't really shop around if nobody's giving me anything."
Kovy should really think about getting a P.R. briefing before he speaks.


Jussi '8-for-8' Jokinen is left handed. In shootouts, he always moves from right to left. For all seven goalies he has faced, this is toward the stick side. This is advantageous for both of his options. If he shoots, he uses his forehand, plus he doesn't have to contend with the faster glove hand. If he pulls out the sneaky backhand drag, the goalie doesn't have his stick in his left hand to lay across the goal line.

If Jokinen faces a right-catching goalie, he loses these two big advantages. Prediction: If Jokinen is stopped in a shootout this year, it will be by the right-catching Mathieu Garon. The Stars will meet the Kings three more times.

Attention Western Conference: Think eight is enough for Jussi? Jose Theodore catches with his right.


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