Theo Rumours

Several news sources have mentioned a Jose Theodore to Colorado trade rumour. Sounds like bullspit. Both teams are struggling in goal. The obvious suggestion for the Avs is that Pierre Lacroix will do what he always does: deal for French Canadian help - in this case, Jose Theodore. However, I fail to see how trading Theo will amend the Habs' netminding troubles. Who would Montreal get in return to play goal? Aebischer? Budaj? Kolesnik? The only way this could happen is if it was a three-way and Lacroix send over a legit starting goalie.

Now, if Lacroix could offer Martin Biron via a three-way deal (and if I were Bob Gainey) I would be all ears. Of course, if Lacroix could offer Biron, why on Earth would he be fishing for Theo? Speaking of Biron, how about that chap's plight? He plugs away and performs solidly behind a bad team for years, then The Wave Of The Future arrives in the form of Ryan Miller and Biron's out of a job. Not a sniff of a start for the first ten games of the season and Marty can't say boo because the team is winning. Then New Kid gets hurt and Marty reels off a baker's dozen straight wins. Then New Kid returns and it's back to the bench where Marty can work on his Rodney Dangerfield routine.

It's not like Biron is over the hill or he hasn't proven himself. Marty is just hitting his prime at 28 and is one year younger than Theodore. From 2001 to 2004, Biron went 74-74-21 with a GAA of 2.41 and SV% of .912. Over the same period while playing behind a better team, Theo went 83-83-21 with a GAA of 2.41 and SV% of .920. Biron makes $2.1M, Theo "earns" $4.5M. If Gainey could somehow wrangle a three-way to get Biron and a depth player for Theo and then sign Biron long-term, I would be willing to approve the deal.

Daydreaming aside, if there is a trade involving the Habs and a goalie, I think it is more apt to be a solid incoming backup who can press Theo for starts and perhaps jumpstart the former MVP's game.


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