Habs full of Turkey

Tryptophan has surely been taking it's toll on the tricolore. After managing a shootout win over the Stanley Cup Favourites, the Canadiens collapsed in the third to lose 4-2 to the powerful Capitals, then laid an egg of a game in Atlanta to lose 4-0. I didn't see either game, so I'm going to accept the current excuse thrown about in the media: Montreal is the new Team Donut, with three centres out due to injury (Koivu, Bonk, and Plekanec).

This extended slump seems to be wearing thin on the team, evidenced by
recent reports of infighting. Some suggest that these incidents are a good thing, that they are a demonstration of fire and passion rather than apathetic acceptance. Others say they are a bad sign and are indicative of poor morale. Others still say they are normal, everyday occurrences on professional hockey teams. One thing is certain: it will be blown completely out of proportion by the Montreal media.

At least we have the
WJHCs to enjoy, where Bob McKenzie reports from Vancouver that coach Brent is trying to convert Guillaume Latendresse into a Sutter. Sigh.

You know what would be fun? Watching junior-eligible Sidney Crosby play in this tournament. Here's a mind-boggling tidbit: Sid will still be eligible to play for Canada's junior team next year in Sweden.


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