He's all that, and modest too.

A funny line from Pierre Dagenais about his GWG last night:

"I don't think any goalie could have stopped that shot," Dagenais said. "I was just trying to get the puck to the net and it was a perfect shot."

Of course, it was not his intent to sound so arrogant. This is either a translation problem or an ESL issue.

About the game: Didn't see it, as we're still doing the holiday feasting circuit, but I like the result. It looks like Theo finally stole a game for the team.


In this neck of the woods, watching the World Junior Championships has become another holiday ritual in many households. If you want to monitor Habs prospects at this tourney, there's a preview article at Hockeysfuture.com.

Now, I'm not going to pretend to follow Major Junior and the NCAA - let alone the Euro leagues - sufficiently to provide a complete analysis of the competition at this event. However, the impression I get is the same as the media consensus - the USA is the team to beat. The Americans have not traditionally been very competitive at the WJCs, but there has been a real spike in their junior age talent in recent years. The usual suspects - Canada and Russia - appear to fill out the top three. In Evgeni Malkin, the Russians clearly have the single best player. For the first time in my memory, both the USA and Russia have better top-end talent. If Canada is to win this event, they have to play to their strength - their depth.


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