All is not well in Habsworld land

A recent article by one of the regular contributors at Habsworld.com criticizes Bob Gainey's player moves this season. There is a great deal of excellent regular content at Habsworld, but I must take issue at some points made in this article:

"Last year Ron Hainsey was the best defenseman in Hamilton. He needed to be playing at the NHL level to improve. Instead, the Habs dropped him for nothing... Perhaps les Glorieux couldn’t trade Hainsey. Or perhaps they just plain screwed up. Columbus is the most desperate team in the league right now."

The Habs were a desparate team when Gainey had to call up Hainsey. With Markov suspended, Souray nursing a groin injury, Komisarek visiting his sick and dying mother, and the cupboard in Hamilton bereft of depth defensemen, Gainey had no choice but to try to call up Hainsey prior to a game in Ottawa. If you want to blame someone blame Markov for pushing a linesman, or blame the CBA for not adequately allowing for player recalls in injury situations.

"Yes, Hainsey was his own worst enemy here in Montreal. Yes, Mark Streit beat him out at training camp. Despite this, Hainsey was still the best puck moving defenseman in their system... He has talent. Talent can always come back to haunt you."

I agree completely with this sentiment. Many have said "who cares" and "good riddance." While Hainsey was not exactly a blue-chipper, he was an asset and it sucks to lose an asset for nothing - in fact, lose an asset and be on the hook for half his salary.

"This is the second young player that the Habs have lost this season. Marcel Hossa went much earlier than Hainsey did. They are both playing at the NHL level right now. Hossa has played nearly every game for the "Danger Rangers" this year... Meanwhile Garth Murray got a cup of coffee last week."

As I have already stated, the Hossa-Murray trade was about filling a need and how getting something is better than getting nothing in return. I would rather have the asset of Garth Murray in Hamilton than nothing.

Bob Gainey played a large part in bringing a Stanley Cup to Dallas. He is doing a fine job in Montreal - a better job than any of his critics would, I wager. And that's all I have to say about that.


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