There Arose Such a Klatter

The Ongoing NHLPA debate
NHL games are being played, and most likely will be played without labour disruption for the next six years. That NHLPA infighting is news at all baffles me. If this story leads to the union being disbanded, it might be newsworthy. This is not a union in the typical sense. These players don't have to worry about their kids' dental plans or eyeglasses. The minimum wage earners get nearly half a million dollars per year. There is a another story out there that affects workers with a lot more to lose than NHLPA members. I respect that Trent Klatt is fighting for what he thinks the right for people in his line of work. I just don't see why I should be interested.

Burnside's latest
This time, he's putting an NHL twist on an NBA story - the recently enacted dress code.

The new rule is all over the news because of the percieved racial implications. That's pure headline gold for ESPN, and that's why Burnside is trying to drag the NHL into that powder keg. Of course, on their front page Burnside's article is introduced with a photo of Jarome Iginla.

News like this turns into a 'race issue' because people keep on insisting that race is, indeed, an issue. Three years ago when Iginla won the Art Ross, I heard a story on PBS radio exclaiming how noteworthy it was that a player of African descent led the league in scoring. I had never really thought about it until I heard that report. How patronizing.

The NBA players are saying the league wants to keep the 'hip-hop culture' out. They say they are being forced to conform and are being prevented from expressing their individuality. Personally, I don't see how wearing a 'do-rag' or your ballcap sideways makes you an individual when everyone else is doing it too. I guess it's kinda like how a barbed wire bicep tattoo or eyebrow piercing makes you an individual, just like everyone else with a barbed wire bicep tattoo or eyebrow piercing. Maybe NBA players think they are being forced to conform with traditional white European attire. I understand that, and I would resent it too. They can still embrace and pay respect to their roots - look at how Jim Brown and Nelson Mandela dress.

Habs News

Jose Theodore, Sheldon Souray, and Michael Ryder were named among the 81 potential Canadian Olympians. Theo is the only one with a serious chance to make the team, and even if he does it is unlikely he would play.

The oft-maligned Niklas Sundstrom "felt a pop" in his groin in Tuesday night's game against the Bruins. That means Pierre Dagenais is likely to be back in the lineup tomorrow vs. the Isles. Sunny's groin pull is not thought to be as bad as Zednik's. Speaking of Zed, I wonder what he thinks of Alex Perezhogin's great play on the top line?

Hazing is no laughing matter, but Red Fisher's latest article is charming.

Minnesota did it again the other night. In a loss to the Canucks last week, the Wild had two goals on five shots halfway through the game. Then on Wednesday night, they rang up five goals in seven shots at one point in the third period against the Sharks. Lemaire's bunch and the Buffalo Sabres are making my predictions look pretty silly right now.

It is feast or famine in Atlanta. The Thrashers are leading the league in participation in blowout games. Four of their seven games have been lopsided - 6-0 and 9-1 whippings at the hands of the Lightning and Leafs were preceded by a home-and-home "thrashing" of the Caps by a combined score of 15-4.


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