There is clearly a conspiracy afoot. The two Ontario-based NHL teams are involved in a secret plot against the Montreal Canadiens. Toronto and Ottawa have met in two games: the first shootout in NHL history on opening night, then the Turkey Day Shootout of '05 last night. The result: four points for the Senators and two for the Maple Leafs. That's the equivalent of two wins for the Sens and one win for the Leafs! It doesn't add up! Any effort by the Ottawa Senators to win tonight's game in Montreal will only serve to confirm my suspicions. In retaliation, the Canadiens must form alliances with the Buffalo Sabres and the Boston Bruins.

But seriously, tonight's home opener is a great opportunity to wrest a couple of points from the Senators. After another emotional episode in the Battle of Ontario, the Sens might be a little low on gas. Plus, Ray Emery is expected to get the start.

Finally, what's up with Pat Quinn's head?? A puck in the eye, then a stick in the other. Maybe it's finally hockey karma for his cheap shot on Bobby Orr umpteen many years ago. Bet it doesn't sting nearly as much as going 0-3 to start the season.


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