Habs 2, Thrashers 0

Ho ho! What have we here? Could it be a good, 'ol fashioned, goaltender controversy??

Yann Danis earned the
shutout in his first ever NHL game. Jose Theodore has been unspectacular, to say the least. Of course, this performance by the rookie netminder will raise questions in the Montreal media. Such questions are premature - Theo is a traditionally slow starter and will continue to get the lion's share of the starts. If Theo is still struggling after ten or fifteen games, we will reasses the situation. For now, Danis' shutout is just another reason for optimism for Habs fans this season.

The bad news tonight for the Habs is a possible injury to heart-and-soul player Steve Begin. He was helped off the ice in the second favouring a knee.

On the other side of the ice, Atlanta was held scoreless for the second time in four games. I guess that high-octane offense I was so worried about earlier today is only combustable when playing the Caps, against whom the Thrashers have bagged 15 goals in two games. I'm starting a petition to get the Canadiens into the Southeast division.

In a news update from the Sens game on Tuesday, TSN hockey guru Bob MacKenzie says Zdeno Chara has been scolded for knocking that tooth out of Raitis Ivanans' head with a late punch. Seems Sean Avery received a vicious scolding as well after he made racist remarks. Is this part of the new CBA??

The league will promptly deal with players who misbehave by issuing them a stern finger waving and toungue lashing.


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