Pot. Kettle. Black.

It looks like the poop really hit the fan in Atlanta tonight.

"They were head-hunting." - Pat Quinn

Earlier, I
alluded to the likelihood of events like this "happening" to the Leafs. Specifically, Toronto's goon squad sticking up for china dolls Jason Allison and/or Eric Lindros. What goes around comes around Pat. Take Domi's head-hunting on Scott Niedermayer, or Tucker knee-hunting on Canadian Olympian Mike Peca, just to name a couple of highlights.

More Pat Quinn:

"That's trying to hurt people and there should be no place in the game for that. This was a disgrace."

Ugh. The hypocrisy is giving me a headache. I agree with Quinn, of course. The words just ring hollow coming from someone whose team has committed the very same acts with grim regularity, someone who committed the very same acts himself as a player.

While scanning the boxscores for games in progress tonight, I stumbled across an interesting sight. Here is the score of the Vancouver-Minnesota game halfway through the second (I gleaned the screenshots from the
ESPN scoreboard):

Here are the shots on goal at this juncture of said contest:

That's 26 for the Canucks and 5 for the Wild. Either Minnesota really focuses on quality rather than quantity in their scoring chances, or Dan Cloutier is not an adequately talented puckstopper for a Stanley Cup contending team.

Update: The Canucks pulled out a win, and Cloutier was not pulled.

Where not to get Fantasy info

I found the following nugget of knowledge in Sportsline.com's fantasy hockey section:

I would understand if they mentioned former Hab hopeful Matt Higgins. That's a slip I've made myself when talking about exciting newcomer Chris Higgins. But Jonathan?? Where on Earth did that name come from? Go ahead and tell your league commish you've signed Jonathan Higgins. Then watch him chortle.


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