Yawn Stastny

The Oilers picked up
Yan Stastny from the B's for a 4th round pick.

Experts, who are apparently easily impressed by pedigree, are raving about how big a steal this was. The kid made the U.S. team last World Championship. The reason? That team sucked (they called it a 'youth movement' south of the border).

Next piece of evidence: Stastny was worth 54 points in 51 games in the DEL, putting him in 4th place in the scoring race. What they don't tell you: 35-year-old Patrick Lebeau (remember him?) was good for 94 points in 52 games in the same league. Whoop de doo.

I sincerely hope the best for him, but sorry Oiler fans - his Hall-of-Fame dad, he ain't.

Maybe Kevin Lowe is hoping Yan's pop Peter will drop by the dressing room to offer pointers to the Oilers' offense.

[Update: I have been told that Patrick Lebeau no longer sports the perm shown in the above photograph.]


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