Turtle Derby '07

Buffalo and New Jersey are in. The way Ottawa's been rolling, I'd say they're in too. That leaves Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Montreal, Toronto, NYIslanders, NYRangers and Carolina fighting it out for the remaining five spots.

At least one of (Atlanta Tampa Carolina) is in too, because someone has to win the Southeast.

Here's an overview of who has what left:

Montreal is in tough with the worst home/road breakdown and six games on back-to-back nights. The upside is a lot of games against bad teams like Boston.

According to the game by game odds for today's dolphin rankings, here's the most likely point total for each club:

These numbers don't take a back-to-back game effect into account. I didn't bother to work out the totals for Buf, NJ and Ott.

The Penguins look to be in good shape. The Thrashers have accumulated a pretty good buffer. After that, it's ridiculously tight.

See also Hockey Numbers.

Update 02/14:
And just like that... with a home loss to a bad team the Canadiens are now on pace to finish 9th.



Blogger Matthew Macaskill said...

Wow, not a pleasant outlook there, heh.

The Habs will need to do what they did last season to make it in: a solid win streak.

Almost seems impossible the way the team has been playing lately though...

Must. Have. Faith. *sigh*

2/14/2007 3:26 p.m.  

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