Goaltending in Review

Let's start with the piece that requires the least amount of discussion: Goaltending.

The numbers (see here & here) speak for themselves. Although his performance has slipped a little lately, Huet has been good. Aebischer has been adequate, and could probably replace the current starter of 10 teams in the NHL.

If there is anything to discuss on the topic of the Canadiens' goalies, it's the possibility that Aebischer might be traded for an upgrade at another position. Which is of more value to the Habs: Aebischer's contribution as a backup plus his value in the event that Huet is injured, or whatever he might fetch on the trade market? Intuitively, I think the Habs would be better off keeping him. Barring injury to someone else's starter, there doesn't appear to be much of a market for a rental goalie anyway.

With the number of goalies in the system and the impending cap crunch, it is unlikely that Aebischer will return next season. Yann Danis and Jaroslav Halak have been a solid platoon in Hamilton. the younger Halak has put up gaudier numbers. One of them should make the leap to NHL backup next year, which will save the team some precious cap space.

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